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Dungeons and Dragons

Raising kids during the tech age has been a challenge for me in a few ways. I want my children to enjoy playing outside, getting dirty, building stuff, being creative and well living! So often my 10 year does everything he can to get in front of a screen. Its an obvious addiction for him. Hes not the only one. Most children his age spend more time with a computer than they do with their friends. Rushing to do your homework so you can meet up with your buddies seems to be a thing of the past.

As a parent I will always encourage my sons to meet up with friends, get outside and have real life experiences. A computer will never be able to simulate what its like to be out and about with a group of friends playing in the park.

I do recognize that computers, tablets and smart devices are the future. Technology is becoming more embedded in our society each years. Naturally I do let my son play video games. Recently I introduced my 10 year old to Dungeons and Dragons or DND. He was instantly into it and now has an online game going with some friends from school.

When I was a kid you had to buy books and make figurines, sheets and buy dice. Once you had all of that together there was the added challenge of finding a group of people to play with.

Dungeons and Dragons or DND was always labeled as something weird or nerdy kids did. Over time people have gotten past this mental barrier and have discovered that Dungeons and Dragons is actually a lot of fun! The internet has made it possible for anyone to play. All you really need is a computer, the internet and an imagination.

If you would like to learn more about Dungeons and Dragons and how to play try listening to some DND Podcasts.

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Let your imaginations fly y’all, Live Radically